Memorializing Your Pet Friend

There are as many unique ways to honor the memory of your beloved pet beyond our basic Grapevine Urn. We have a variety of beautiful urns starting at $30 that can be purchased for your private cremation. Please come by and choose one in our showroom or allow us to order the perfect one from a number of selections.

Urns are just one way to memorialize your pet. Some unique ideas that we can order for you:

  • Cremation Jewelry
  • Name Plates
  • Pet Statues & Sculpturns
  • Stone and Marble Memorials and Markers
  • Paw Prints
  • Personalized Memory Boxes and Urns

We strive to provide our customers with many quality memorial options. The list of products continues to grow. Please call or come by if you would like more information.


Pets and Friends offers a vast array of memorials for your pet.