Read Frequently Asked Questions to Clear Your Doubts

Private cremation is the process where your darling baby is cremated alone, and you will receive cremains in either a handmade cedar box, a tube to scatter your friend's ashes at their favorite spot, or you may choose your own urn to match the personality of your pet.

Communal cremation is where your sweet pet is cremated together with other animals, and the client does not take home any cremains. This cremains are then lovingly scattered across the country.

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We have a two-part tracking system assigned to your furry family member at arrival. A nonrepeatable numbered metal medallion and a toe tag is assigned to your furbaby during cremation and will be sent home with you. We strive to get your pet back to you in a timely manner.

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You are welcome to be at our facility and may also watch the cremation process for a small fee. You may see as much or little as you would like. We always strive to provide every client with the closure they need to move forward, understanding that the grieving process is different for everyone. An appointment is required for cremation viewings.

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Our office will have someone on call at all times. Call the main number ((903) 526-7400), and someone will answer or call you back in a prompt manner. You can meet us at Pets and Friends while we are closed or arrange at-home pickup for a small fee. If you are unable to make it to our office on short notice, please feel free to call and receive in-depth instructions for optimal storage of your furbabies. We recommend you keep your fur baby in a cool, dry area. We can bring two people if necessary to transport your baby to our facility.

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Please call to make arrangements if you live outside the East Texas area. We are happy to meet you at our office anytime, even after our regular office hours, to facilitate your special needs. We also have an option to receive your pet through the mail, though we ask that you use overnight shipping and pack your beloved friend with dry ice. We ask that you call before shipment so we can preplan your services to take care of your darling in a timely manner.

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Yes, we will come to your house for a small fee. We understand that some animal friends are very hard to move and may even be bigger than their human companions. We will even bring two people if necessary to transport your baby safely and as safely as possible. Please call with any questions or concerns or make pre- or post-arrangements.

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We can cremate almost any of your beloved pets under 400 pounds. This depends upon the size, so please feel free to call or text our office anytime with questions or concerns.

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Many factors come into play here. If you have a way to keep your baby cold, then you can keep them there as long as you would like. Please take the time you need to grieve with your pet and feel free to call us for more specialized instructions on keeping your darling in good condition until you are ready to bring them into our care.

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We work with many vet clinics in the greater East Texas Area. Feel free to ask your clinic if they have a process with us. You are always welcome to call us to make arrangements. Many of the clinics we work with allow you to pay through them for our services, making for an easy process in your time of grief. Each clinic handles this differently, so be sure to ask, call, or contact us through text, phone, or email for more information. We can pick up from your clinic even if they are not a regular clinic for us as long as the clinic will allow it.

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This question is best asked directly over the phone or by text. Many factors go into the price, and please know that we have options for memorials at a variety of price points. We firmly believe that everyone should be able to have a memorial for their beloved animal family members, so feel free to ask about our payment plan options as well.

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We try hard to get your baby back to you as soon as possible. We do this normally in 2 – 3 business days. Some factors like a specialty urn ordered or custom engraving options can extend the time. We will always give you an estimated timeline for how long your pet’s process will take specific to them, but feel free to call our office if you just want to check up on your beloved animal. We know it can be a hard time, and we never mind giving you updates throughout the process in your time of grief.

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Yes! We encourage you to come in and preplan at any time. Making arrangements beforehand is a great way to help yourself in your time of grief and puts less on your plate to handle while you are saying goodbye. You can prepay or make payment plans ahead of time if you would like. We also can make prearrangements to pick up through your vet if you know the time is coming soon.

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Please feel free to contact us regarding memorials of your beloved service pets. We understand that these animals hold a special place in your heart for all they do for us, making our lives safer and easier.

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Yes! We highly encourage you to do this, especially for children and other animals in your household. Grieving is a process; we understand the need to take time with your beloved pet to say goodbye. Other animals understand so much more than we often give them credit for, and they mourn as well, sometimes even in more visible ways than their human counterparts. Often, these visitations will help your family and other pets understand the loss in a private and comfortable setting. Our visitation rooms are set up with other pets in mind while keeping comfort at a maximum for our human companions.

A woman is petting her dog on the floor

We offer many options to memorize your pet. We make clay or ink paw prints, nose prints, and hoof prints. We can laser engrave on wooden urns anything from their name to personalized paw prints and animal photos, or even clip art of their favorite treat or toy. We can also make photo blankets and pillows. Shadow boxes are another fabulous way to keep your pet's memories in one place, and memorial jewelry or keychains are a great way to keep your beloved pets close in your everyday routine.

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